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Meet your customers wherever they are

of online purchases happen outside of opening hours
of customers prefer online reservation rather than calling

Offer a seamless reservation experience

less no-shows with real-time reservation & payment
more revenue with reduced no-shows

repetitive tasks

less interruptions during the work day
less administrative work every week

Selected customer testimonials



“I have been using Stairlin for almost a year now. My patients love the ease of access and the functionality. I love it because it cuts my admin time in half and, because of the reminders, missed appointments have become a thing of the past. It has streamlined my business and has saved me time and money. I strongly recommend it.”



“An innovative, simple and hyper efficient team that freed my time from the administrative and logistical burden! They created what I needed by listening to me. Many thanks to Stairlin.”

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Our mission is to empower businesses by giving them powerful tools to tackle problems they encounter on a daily basis so that they can focus on what truly matters to them. That’s why we'll keep making our product better every day.

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* Statistics on this page stems from several sources in the EU and the USA on actual improvements observed when digitising business processes of small companies, mostly in the healthcare industry. Actual figures may vary depending on the industry and size of business.