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Keep only the best part of running a business.Your Assistant shields you from unnecessary hassle.

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Dedicated Page for people to meet your business and reserve online right from their couch at any time.

Cruise control

Set your own rules and automate appointment scheduling, data entry, invoicing, accounting and much more.

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missed appointments since you have started reading this page*. No-shows belong to the past with Stairlin.

Privacy, Security, and Reliability.

Stairlin is designed to protect your privacy and ensure the safety of your data. The reliability of our services is one of the reasons to prefer Stairlin. As is its ease of use, responsive customer support and constant innovation. More info

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Selected customer testimonials


Acupuncturist - Lausanne

I have been using Stairlin for almost a year now. My patients love the ease of access and the functionality. I love it because it cuts my admin time in half and, because of the reminders, missed appointments have become a thing of the past. It has streamlined my business and has saved me time and money. I strongly recommend it. My Stairlin Page


Photographer - Zürich

With Stairlin we are more efficient because it stopped the email ping pong with our customers, which resulted in an improvement in our customer relationship. The app is very slick, reliable, and it prevents us from making mistakes. I can follow my invoices status at a glance. Since we use Stairlin, we have no longer lost track of a single invoice. I never pictured preparing invoices as a pleasant moment. Finally, I feel like I receive a service from a well-established system, but with personal support. I highly recommend using Stairlin. My Stairlin Page


Osteopathe - Fribourg

An innovative, simple and hyper efficient team that freed my time from the administrative and logistical burden! They created what I needed by listening to me. Many thanks to Stairlin. My Stairlin Page

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Unlike traditional services, we don’t rely on long-term contracts to keep our customers. With Stairlin there are no upfront costs, no termination fees, and you pay as-you-go. Don't pay a dime until you see the value. More info

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* Statistics on this page stems from several sources in the EU and the USA on actual improvements observed when digitising business processes of small companies, mostly in the healthcare industry. Actual figures may vary depending on the industry and size of business.