About Us

We founded Stairlin in 2017 in Lausanne to build a marketplace for anyone to easily start or run their business online; and to offer their customers a seamless experience to find, book and pay for their services in 15 seconds or less.

Our Founders

Bastien Gysler


Bastien is the co-founder of Stairlin and thanks to his innate taste for design, love for building products with cutting-edge technologies, security awareness and a dose of healthy paranoia Bastien is the right guy to spearhead our product development.
Bastien is a true believer that technology is meant to simplify our day-to-day life. As a backend engineer and agile project manager, he is building Stairlin because no-one is doing it right, and it drives him nuts.
Previously to founding Stairlin, Bastien developed his skills as a top notch software engineer at several Swiss tech companies, Bastien has a Bachelor of Science - Business Information Technology from the HES SO.

Thibault Dubuis


Thibault is the co-founder of Stairlin and with his many interests he has a knack for thinking about interesting and new ways to do things and solve problems. Thanks to his eclectic professional experience, fearlessness in learning new things and just the right dose of laziness to be efficient Thibault handle our customer development, business partnerships and investor relations.
Previously to founding Stairlin, Thibault was a former HSBC banker and associate to the CFO at a swiss fintech company, Thibault has a B.A. from the University of St. Gallen and is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst.

Bastien & Thibault

Company vision & mission

Together Bastien’s and Thibault’s are shaping the company vision and mission and believe their complementary skill set is key to building a technology company in 2017.