Pay only when
you earn something

Get all of our services upfront, we only charge something once you have been paid for your services

We build your online presence
Dedicated page to get more customers
Instant booking button/link to use anywhere on the web
Online booking confirmation & cancellation technology
We make it easy to manage your customers
Appointment reminders for your customers
Automated customer relationship manager
Book appointments in 10 seconds manually
We automate payments and invoicing for you
We automate the invoice generation (T590 included!)
Send invoices to your customers in one click
Online payment reminders

You pay 1% per succesful transaction.
In average maximum CHF 69 per month. That’s it.*

If a user comes to the appointment and pays you, the transaction was successful.
There are no hidden fees and you can stop the plan whenever you like.
* Your spendings over 12 month are caped at CHF 828, so you will never spend more than CHF 69 in average over a 12 month period.

Is it worth it?
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Most businesses could save up to 10 hours a week, reduce no-shows by up to 70% and increase revenue by up to 14% by digitising their processes.

Average number of paying
customers per day

Average service price
per customer in CHF

Revenue per month in CHF


Maximum cost per year in CHF


Average cost per month in CHF